United in Beauty


Led by Lauren L Caron, Union Adorn is a bi-coastal, full-service design firm offering full-service interior design services, creative visual consulting, and concept design for luxury retailers and emerging brands. We aim to create compelling experiences that illustrate the stories of our clients, whether it be designing a home that furnishes a life well lived, or to depict an inspiring narrative of a brand's story. It has been recognized that in every project we represent exceptional taste, understanding the subtleties between timeless design and forward thinking. Our style is layered in detail, personal sensibility, and innately beautiful. 

We partner with our clients from concept to execution - to translate their dreams into concrete ideas, then oversee the production to installation; allowing for these concepts to be realized.

To our clients, we see ourselves as filling that space between the conceptual vision and the concrete execution, as we are not only there to develop and design, but also to support and guide. For residential projects we are that link between our clients and the builders in order to streamline the process. With retail and commercial brands our hefty knowledge in production and extensive network of specialty vendors allows us to seamlessly design and produce custom fixtures and displays. 


Founded on Collaboration


Our firm was founded on the belief that dual creation will always exceed the individual. On a project by project basis, we bring together our network of highly skilled and talented artisans and designers, and marry their vast skill sets to provide a uniquely tailored and versatile service. As a result this allows for our list of services to be flexible to the needs of the client and project scope.

While our fundamental services are based around the design of interior spaces and creative visual installations, this network allows for our reach to expand into prop styling, and brand identity design. Which provides a seamless opportunity to translate an emerging brand's vision into reality. 


Our Founder


Lauren L Caron
Principal Designer

Through years of working within the creative and visual merchandising industry for some of the most renowned luxury brands, Lauren Caron developed a broad range of technical skills and business acumen. In addition to her innate creative mindset, she is a multifaceted designer, who is both a conceptual and strategic thinker. Possessing the ability to host the vision for grandiose projects, while having the patience and focus for minute details. 

Prior to launching Union Adorn, Lauren developed numerous installations for international rollouts and specialty design projects at the both management and team level. The nature of this work allowed for Lauren to generate valuable relationships with a network of highly skilled, talented artisans and designers. Lauren has acknowledged that these mutual collaborations and partnerships can truly elevate the outcome, garnering distinctly excellent results and mutual benefits for all parties involved. With that in mind she sought to expand on this concept and to create a modern day guild.

Lauren's Aesthetic

Lauren's design aesthetic is greatly influenced by her upbringing in small town New England living in a historic home built in 1801. From an early age she learned about the interior design legacies from her hobbyist decorator/professional landscape designer mother. This foundation laid the passion for interiors and how a beautiful and well designed home is a matter of necessity. Her early career in luxury retail introduced Lauren to speciatly areas in fashion and branding by designing and creating dramatic experiences through installations and spaces that articulate each brand's message and identity.

Building upon those skills Lauren sought to create similar experiences with a greater impact on people's lives through expanding into interior design for residential and hospitality. Lauren's design style has been described as being eclectic, leaning toward traditional yet is approached through a modern perspective. Combining classical elements with timeless pieces, she is noted for her ability to create layered, polished and livable spaces that always depict a strong narrative reflective of her clients' tastes and lifestyles.   


Join Our Collective

A part of our mission is to bring together this vast, yet ever shrinking network of designers, artisans and innovators in our creative community. We are endlessly inspired by our peers and understand how balanced partnerships can truly elevate the outcome. If we come together to support our peer businesses, we will mutually benefit from the experience. We believe it is important to retain the identity of the individual designers and brands in order to allow each to focus on and excel at their most valuable specialty.

Become a Collaborator

For interested businesses, independent designers and artisans who believe they have the right skills to match our vision and aesthetic we would love to start a conversation. We are consistently open to building new relationships with builders, production vendors, architects, interior designers, event planners, photographers, graphic designers, brand and marketing specialists.



  • Operate an independently managed business. Preferably in Seattle or New York City.
  • Willingness to partner with other brands on projects
  • A great attitude - no egos here, please

*Please note: with collaborations and partnerships we are not your employers, you will be hired as independent contractors by our clients. You are expected to supply your own professional, legal contracts and proposals for each project. 

Design Intern

Our business is growing and we are expanding our in house team! We are currently accepting emerging talent to support our team with design projects. In turn you will gain industry experience and a valuable mentor relationship to support you in developing your design career. This position is for individuals looking to expand their knowledge and to gain an inside perspective on working for or running their own independent design business.

The role of the design intern would entail: order management; obtaining samples; running errands; interior styling; building presentations and drafting in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and AutoCAD (AutoCAD skills a plus, but not required however, drafting skills are a necessity).  



  • Completed at least 1 year of design school/training
  • Strong self-motivation and extreme attention to detail
  • Confidence and skill to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely (verbal and written)
  • The ability to work with a team - collaboration is a major factor with our company! 
  • A great attitude - please leave the egos at home
  • Exceptional work ethic - because no entrepreneur made it being lazy!


Additional experience or knowledge in these areas would set you apart from the crowd:

  • Having a good understanding of social media and how to capture an audience
  •  AutoCAD drafting skills
  • Order placement and management
  • Client management
  • A portfolio or documentation of comparable work experience that exhibits your design aesthetic and sensibilities. 


The Commitment

We’re looking for 10-15 hours per week. You will need your own vehicle or independent mode of transportation. And a love for dogs! This position is unpaid, however if you express interest and prove to be a great fit to our team a full-time position will be considered at the end of the internship.


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