Union Adorn is a full service bicoastal design studio based in New York City and Seattle, WA. We possess a strong skill set that envelopes many areas of design with a focus on client experience. Together with a network of highly skilled professionals we create compelling presentations and engaging environments for both brands and personal clients. We partner with clients from concept to execution, to translate their dreams into concrete ideas, to then oversee the production to installation; allowing for these concepts to be realized. 




We approach interior design from a different perspective, making a point to truly understand our clients to build strong, trustworthy relationships. We intend to streamline the process by working closely our network of custom fabricators, builders and architects. We design commercial and residential projects that range from designing interior spaces to remodels and renovations. 



With a strong portfolio in visual merchandising and window display design, we can support your brand in concept development and design for upcoming installations and rollouts. With a network of skilled professionals we can be the liaison between you and production firms to ensure designs are executed properly and within budget. Project emphasis on following industries: jewelry & watches, luxury fashion accessories, designer apparel, table top & decorative home, special events & promotions.



Looking for support in a photoshoot for or to have your wedding styled the day of, to perfection? In addition to concept development and prop styling services for photography shoots, we can set the stage for lifestyle experiences. With the innate ability to set a scene and illustrate visual narrative through prop and object placement, we are that missing link between your florist and caterer.  We'll tie the bows, place the candles and style the desert table so that it is just right. You'll want your photographer to capture every last detail, right down to the gifts table.


Whether you're coming to us with a only an idea, or a solid concept that needs support in the execution, we tailor our services to meet your needs. From small dinners to large weddings, we favor personalized experiences that create lasting impressions. For brand and retail events, we understand the importance of brand integrity and how to translate those values into real life experiences.



When planning a new launch or building a business, companies often need guidance in translating their brand's vision into a reality. From social media and web presence to packaging design, to store interiors and window displays. We can define your brand's aesthetic position and lead you in the correct direction towards building a successful brand.



Looking for a customized invitation suite or logo design? We provide graphic design, à la carte services to suit your needs.


Our prices are based on the specific needs of the project with the client's best interest in mind. Depending on the timeline, scope and budget, we are open to bill at our hourly rate, day rate or produce an overall project proposal.